[Movie Review] UNHINGED

If this were a normal, non-pandemic summer, UNHINGED would’ve been exactly the type of B-movie I’d relish seeing at a theater on a hot afternoon – popcorn, maybe a hot dog and a soda in hand, in the company of strangers as ever-so-momentarily carefree as I. So it feels super weird to have watched this strange and scruffy Russell Crowe B-thriller from home on a screener, days before it’s supposed to be the movie that “reopens theaters” in the U.S. All this is to say, be careful out there


I tend to be a sucker for slashers with “massacre” in the title. From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (contender for greatest horror movie ever made) to 80s camp classics like The Slumber Party Massacre and Sorority House Massacre and modern ultra-low-budget oddities like Pool Party Massacre. There’s just something about the simple pleasures of the whole ***** Massacre phenomenon that really does it for me. So I jumped at the chance to review WRESTLEMASSACRE

TITANS OF THE TUBE :: The Best TV Shows this Year

I’m a movie guy, and I probably always will be. No more than a few years ago, the thought of making a Top 10 list for TV wouldn’t have even occurred to me. But it’s 2019 and the age of peak television has changed my tune. And how could it not? The big-screen cinema experience has been all but overrun by one mammoth superhero franchise and the advent of streaming has turned television into an endless virtual hub of phenomenal shows — available anytime, anywhere.


ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD is finally available to watch at home. And though it had one of the great theater runs of the year, it feels right that the chillest cinematic hang of the summer is now marinating in people’s heads from their home screens. Quentin Tarantino’s 9th and possibly penultimate film — a dark fairy tale about the mythical human beings and competing energies that occupied Hollywood in 1969 — really demands repeat viewings to fully grasp the scope and magnitude of its insatiable gravitational pull.

PUT ON A HAPPY FACE :: The Best Joker Memes on the Internet

A movie can’t just be a movie in 2019. It needs a familiar angle, if not a direct relation to existing intellectual property. It needs a backstory of gossip, casting what-if’s, and production updates that can be mined for clickbait well before and after its release. And if a movie plans on surviving in the minds of the mainstream past the hours of its initial press cycle, it needs the Internet to meme the shit out of it. Director Todd Phillips’s standalone version of Joker, a pseudo-Scorsesean

Why Do Stoners Love Horror?

Do you like to smoke weed and watch horror movies? You're not alone. As it turns out, there are plenty of stoners out there who have a love for the art of fear and all things spooky. At least, this is the impression you'll get around the Weedmaps offices. When the subject of horror movies comes up, there's always someone around to perk up and join the conversation, and the Weedmaps staff gets real amped once spooky season kicks into high gear. Of course, not every stoner is a horror fan, and n

What to Stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon this October While Lit

Hey hey, it's finally “Octoner” (that's October for stoners, in case you hadn't heard), which, for this stoner, means taking every possible opportunity to blaze it and watch horror movies throughout the month. For those less inclined to oversaturate their nights with hazy visions of psychedelic terror, October may just be a time for slightly spookier or more adventurous stoned streaming habits.

Thanks to Weed, Every Cool Movie in the '90s was a Stoner Movie

In the '90s, weed became cool again. And so did the movies. As the 1980s gave way to the final decade of the 20th century, a generation that came of age under the thumb of Nixon's war on drugs and the Just Say No era of the Reagans became activists and advocates for cannabis. They also started making dope movies — creating a new pop culture canon and expanding the language of cinema, making major contributions to the rise of weed in mainstream American culture.

What to Stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon This September While Lit

Summer is winding down, which, for many of us, will likely trigger a spike in streaming hours as trips and activities wind down and the kick-it-into-gear vibe of harvest season begins. Wondering how you can best utilize your streaming-while-nursing-an-afternoon-or-evening-high downtime this fall? Look no further than Weedmaps News' list of September streaming premieres tailor made for your next smoke, stream, and chill sesh. What is it? The first two films of Sam Raimi's groundbreakingly whack

UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Smokes Joint in Open Workout

Back in the day, when your first pot mentor told you about all the things that would be possible in when prohibition ended, they probably weren't dreaming of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters sparking joints for fans days before a big match. But hey, it's 2019, and we live in a world where all kinds of weed happenings are possible. Like the events of Aug. 14, 2019 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, where Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter and provocateur Nate Diaz lit up duri

7 Cool, Weird Explainer Videos to Watch Next Time You're Really Stoned

Practically every stoner living in the 21st century has one thing in common: The internet is our primary source for content to consume while baked. Whether you're letting YouTube autoplay carry you through a hazy couch lock, or diving deep into a web of fan theory videos, the internet is a sanctuary of lit content subgenres and videos designed to please the stoned palate. It's also a place where people explain interesting stuff using quick edits, catchy voiceovers, and mesmerizing graphics.

What to Stream on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon This July While Lit

Summer's here, holiday celebrations are around the corner, and hopefully you have some downtime to get out and enjoy the sun … or pull the shades, smoke a joint, maybe do a dab, and sink into some soothing couch lock in the company of a stoney show or movie. Amidst the endless pool of content streaming options that is the internet, Weedmaps News is offering a streamlined selection of shows and movies to watch high, available on major streaming platforms in July 2019.

8 Music Videos to Watch Next Time You're Really Stoned

Do you like smoking a bowl and listening to music, letting your favorite sounds and beats wash over you and activate your mind with good vibrations? Or maybe you like to stream a dank TV show or movie after you've dabbed or eaten an edible? Well, we've got just the entertainment format for you. It's called a music video — an age-old art form, sprung from the birth of MTV and now at home on YouTube, tailor-made to be experienced under the buzzy, hyper-sensory influence of the cannabis high.

What to Stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon This June While High

You're home, you've smoked (or dabbed, or vaped, or edibled) and you're ready to stream something that will soothe, engage, and invigorate your stoney eyes and ears. Amidst the endless pool of content streaming options that is the Internet, Weedmaps News is offering a streamlined selection of stoney shows and movies to watch high, available on major streaming platforms in June 2019. 'I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson' — Netflix What is it? A new sketch comedy show from “Saturday Nigh
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