I Survived the Premature Burial

Nevermore. Nevermore. That inescapable word. Issued from a raven’s beak, spread across the only time and space you or I will ever know. An intimate betrayal you never saw coming. A loved one’s life cut short by disease, insanity, violence, some awful combination of all three. The echo of guilt distorts the survivor’s senses, the Id erupts with all manner of apparitions and cursed emblems. A black cat, a bleeding house, a corpse reanimated, but caught in the shrieking terror of its death throes.

Special Ops: Lioness Recap: Wheels Up

“If we play this right, it’s over before it’s begun.” Our penultimate special op picks up right where we left off, both time- and vibe-wise. Everyone in Langley’s clacking away on laptops and pacing and fast-talking through 15-second phone calls. And Kaitlyn Meade, as always, knows just what to say to sum up the whole damn thing. We always double down. Go big or go home, get rich or die tryin’ — it’s the mission or bust. The emperor wears no clothes, and someone’s liable to catch a glimpse.

Special Ops: Lioness Recap: They Choose It All

Damn, this Lioness program is turning out to be a real drag for our girl Cruz, and we’re just now getting into a real episodey episode of these Special Ops — keeping the action and the plot and all the emotional beats a-movin’. Cruz gets her first real round of spy games in, and some of the boys on the team even get a naughty li’l side quest. Action’s moving, plots developing, and characters are emoting tight little morsels of soap-western wisdom from the TV cowboy poet himself.

Special Ops: Lioness Series-Premiere Recap

Special Ops: Lioness, the latest Paramount+ show from the prolific cowboy whisperer extraordinaire Taylor Sheridan, opens cold on a job gone wrong. Joe (Zoe Saldana), head of a covert CIA operation tasked with flipping the mothers, wives, girlfriends, and acquaintances of male terrorist leaders, is trying to get her undercover operative out of a terrorist compound in Syria before the whole thing goes up in smoke. Her team, locked and loaded, circles the compound in a chopper, awaiting orders.

Perry Mason Recap: Today’s Newspaper Wraps Tomorrow’s Fish

Wowwww folks, we finally got some big reveals in the penultimate chapter of our little Perry Mason mystery here. That moment when you find out who the big baddie is and what exactly they have been scheming on this whole time, and you’re left with that “Oh, shit, now what?” feeling. I love that for us. Holcomb wasn’t kidding when he said Brooks McCutcheon was into something “bigger than anybody this town’s even thinking about,” and I dunno about you all, but I saw this one coming about as clearly

Perry Mason Recap: Lucky Me

Nothing like an unlikely ally or secret foe to come in and shake up a mystery, huh? In tonight’s episode, we get both, and they bring some serious heat to the case. Our unlikely ally comes in the form of Detective Gene Holcomb (Eric Lange), a real “better the devil you know” job for Mason & Co. And we know Holcomb: a heavy-hitting dirty cop out to get his bag and improve his station and eke out his own healthy share of the American Dream.

Perry Mason Season-Premiere Recap: The Illusion of Justice

In every great mystery, the world is an onion. And somewhere, slumped in an office chair behind a moving wall of light, shadow, and cigarette smoke, there’s a “detective” slowly peeling back its putrid layers. Each one reveals a fact or clue or piece of violent aftermath that, in turn, reveals some nasty hidden truth of the world. And when we finally get to the center, all we’ve got to show for it is the full view of a grand illusion.

Under the Banner of Heaven Series-Premiere Recap: What We Find Broken

Based on Jon Krakauer’s 2003 book, Under the Banner of Heaven is the true-crime story of a double murder in Utah in 1984, perpetrated by one of Mormonism’s many fundamentalist splinter groups, that’s juxtaposed with the early frontier-justice days of the LDS Church. For your humble recapper, a lapsed Mormon born and raised in Provo, Utah, this miniseries is sure to be one helluva prolonged “TRIGGERED” meme, so let’s get right to it, eh, brothers and sisters?
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